7+ Best Software for Transcribing Interviews: A Comprehensive Guide

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Transcribing interviews is essential for journalists, researchers, and content creators. Accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use are crucial when choosing the best software for transcribing interviews.

This comprehensive guide will explore the top software options available, highlighting their key features, pricing, and supported languages. Whether you conduct interviews in person or over video calls, there is transcription software that suits your needs.

What to Look for in Interview Transcription Software

Before delving into the top software options, let’s discuss the key features to consider when choosing the best software for transcribing interviews:

1. Accuracy

Accurate transcriptions are vital, especially when quoting interviewees for articles or research papers. Look for software with high accuracy rates, preferably 90% or higher. This ensures that you save time during the editing process and have confidence in the precision of your transcriptions.

2. Flexibility

As a busy professional, you need transcription software that adapts to your workflow. Look for software that offers flexible features such as mobile apps, browser extensions, or the ability to record and transcribe directly in your browser. This flexibility allows you to transcribe interviews on the go, making your workflow more efficient.

3. Pricing

Investing in reliable transcription software is essential, but choosing software that suits your budget is equally important. Compare pricing models to find a provider that offers competitive rates. Consider whether you require a subscription model or prefer a pay-per-minute option if you only transcribe interviews occasionally.

4. Editing Features

You may need occasional punctuation, spelling, and formatting edits, even with accurate transcriptions. Choose software that provides robust editing features, including the ability to make these adjustments easily. Look for additional features like creating reports, memos, and highlights from the transcription to enhance your workflow.

5. Recording Options

Consider how the software functions and whether it suits your preferred recording method. Some software requires you to upload pre-recorded files, while others offer options to record and transcribe within the platform. Choose software that aligns with your preferred recording method to streamline your workflow.

Now that we have established the criteria for selecting interview transcription software let’s explore the top software options available:

1. Happy Scribe

happy scribe

Happy Scribe is a transcription and subtitle service with collaborative features that simplify sharing interview transcripts.

You can choose to share transcripts in view-only or edit mode, protecting the integrity of your interview. Happy Scribe offers automatic and human-made transcriptions catering to different accuracy requirements.

Key Features of Happy Scribe:

  • 4.8 out of 5-star rating.
  • Protects and privates transcripts.
  • Integrates with Zapier, YouTube, and more.

Pricing: $0.20 for automatic transcription, $2.00 per minute for human-made transcriptions – Custom pricing is available; students receive 25% off automatic options.

Supported transcription languages: Over 60 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, German, and Dutch.

2. Notta


Notta is a user-friendly speech-to-text app with a Chrome extension, browser functionality, and a mobile app. With an accuracy rate of over 98.6%, Notta ensures exact transcriptions. You can use Notta Live during interviews or upload recordings for transcription. Notta integrates seamlessly with Notion, allowing you to save interview transcripts quickly.

Key Features of Notta:

  • Syncs interview transcripts across multiple devices.
  • Convenient mobile app and Chrome extension.
  • Add images and comments to the interview transcript.
  • Highlights text as it plays for seamless playback.

Pricing: Basic plan ($0), Pro plan ($8.25 per month billed annually), Team plan ($18 per month billed annually).

Supported languages: English, 104 other languages.

3. Otter.ai


Otter is a reputable transcription service trusted by industry giants like Zoom, Rakuten, Dropbox, and UCLA. Its AI technology continually improves transcription accuracy by learning your conversational style and vocabulary.

Otter offers real-time transcription for video calls and automatically creates a summary of the interview transcript.

Key Features of Otter:

  • Interview transcription software is free (basic plan).
  • Team collaboration features for seamless collaboration.
  • Multiple export options for easy sharing.
  • Speaker identification for clear attribution.

Pricing: Basic plan (Free), Pro plan ($8.33 per month), Business plan ($20 per user per month) – Enterprise plans available.

Supported transcription languages: English and regional accents.

4. Google Docs Voice Typing

google docs voice typing

Google Docs Voice Typing is a built-in service within Google Docs that offers dictation for notes. While primarily designed for dictation, it can transcribe live interviews.

While it lacks text highlighting and audio playback, it offers a user-friendly interface and supports multiple languages.

Key Features of Google Docs Voice Typing:

  • Support for a large number of languages.
  • Interview transcription software is free.
  • User-friendly interface.

Pricing: Free.

Supported transcription languages: Many languages, including English, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Arabic, and Italian.

5. Airgram


Airgram offers one of the highest accuracy rates at 98.3% and excels in interview organization. It integrates with popular video call platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, allowing real-time transcription during interviews.

Airgram’s meeting and interview organization features help structure discussions and create comprehensive meeting notes.

Key Features of Airgram:

  • Offers a Chrome extension for easy use.
  • Transcription editing suite for precise adjustments.
  • 100% data security and privacy protection.
  • Technical support is available.

Pricing: Free plan, Pro plan ($8.99), Team plan ($17.99) – Special discounts available for students or non-profit organizations.

Supported transcription languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese.

6. Trint


Trint is ideal for professionals looking to turn research into video content. It uses AI transcription to convert audio and video files into text.

Trint’s collaborative features, like searchable and editable transcripts, make sharing and collaborating with a team easy. It also offers an iOS app for convenient capturing of live interviews.

Key Features of Trint:

  • ISO-certified security for data protection.
  • Editor integrates with content creation tools like Adobe Premiere.
  • Edit and generate closed captions.
  • Built-in search functions for easy navigation.

Pricing: Free trial available, Starter plan ($60/month for 1 – 3 users), Advanced plan ($75/month for 1 – 15 users) – Annual plans available for reduced rates.

Supported transcription languages: Over 30 languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, and more.

7. 3PlayMedia


3PlayMedia is a captioning solution known for its highly secure and compliant transcriptions. Trusted by over 10,000 customers, including Peloton and The Home Depot, 3PlayMedia offers transcription services suitable for medical, law, and other sensitive industries.

Special instructions can be provided to ensure accurate transcriptions with technical jargon.

Key Features of 3PlayMedia:

  • 99% accuracy for all transcripts.
  • Accessibility and HIPAA-compliant.
  • Integrates with Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

Pricing: Express plan ($2.95 per minute for English transcription), Pro and Enterprise plans (customized pricing).

Supported transcription languages: English, Spanish, and over 20 other languages.

8. Temi


Temi is a speech-to-text transcription service that provides interview transcripts within five minutes. It is the perfect choice for professionals with tight deadlines.

Trusted by over 100,000 customers, including The San Diego Union-Tribune and ESPN, Temi offers fast and accurate transcriptions with built-in timestamps and speaker identification.

Key Features of Temi:

  • 90% to 95% accuracy rate.
  • Transcript marked with custom timestamps.
  • Data encrypted secure platform.
  • Multiple export options, including MS Word, PDF, SRT, VTT, and more.

Pricing: Free trial, pre-purchase basis payments of $0.25 per minute.

Supported transcription languages: English.


Choosing the best software for transcribing interviews is crucial for accurate, efficient, and hassle-free transcription. With a wide range of options available, consider your specific needs, including accuracy rates, flexibility, pricing, editing features, and recording options.

Notta, Airgram, Google Docs Voice Typing, Otter.ai, Happy Scribe, 3PlayMedia, Temi, and Trint offer unique features to enhance your transcription workflow. Select the software that aligns with your requirements, and enjoy seamless transcription of your interviews.

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