GoNews Reviews: How To Build An Effective Viral News Platform

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If you previously thought that making loads of money online is impossible, this is going to change your perspective completely. What I’m talking about is a famous and efficient Web Builder known as GoNews.

A question that might pop into your head is, what is GoNews, and how can it help me make money? Well, you’re in the right place, if that’s so. I’m going to explain everything you need to know.

From how it works to all the features setup procedures, and benefits, I’m going to provide you with a review of GoNews ultimately. So, sit back and relax while we decide if GoNews is worth it or not.

What Is GoNews?

The ease of use, customization, accessibility, low price, and many other benefits make GoNews one of the best web-building platforms if you’re looking to generate revenue with news articles.

GoNews is a cloud-based web builder that offers you the ability to make money online through affiliate marketing, Adsense, Email lists, and many other techniques by giving you an easy web-building interface where you can place content and news that attracts traffic.

It is effortless to use, comes at incredible value, and offers superb monetary opportunities as well as bonuses. GoNews offers epic customization abilities and lets you adjust the categories, menus, layouts, and everything in between so you can get the most visitors to your websites and generate high-value revenue.

GoNews Review Pros And Cons


  • Provides news coverage on a variety of topics
  • Can be easily accessed through a mobile device or website
  • May offer customizable alerts or notifications for breaking news
  • Could provide coverage from a diverse range of sources


  • Content may be biased or present a particular agenda
  • Quality of journalism may vary between articles

How Does It Work?

Before you try GoNews out, you must know how it works. The first thing you need to know is that it’s simple. Most News Aggregator and Web Builder sites are very complex and require SEO, marketing, and content skills, but that’s not how GoNews works.

Let’s take a look at the process of making huge amounts of money online with the help of GoNews

Choosing The Right Posts For Your Website

GoNews Choosing The Right Posts For Your Website

Once you’ve registered for an account, which is relatively easy, you’re going to be displayed on the dashboard. You’ll have the option to see what news and articles are trending right now on the left side.

You can schedule the post, edit the article, spin and rewrite it if you’re looking for completely original SEO-based content, and click on Let’s Post. This will allow you to quickly post the article without going through any extended and time-taking writing and research process.

Even the editing process is simple. Clicking on edit will open a window where you’ll be allowed to rewrite or spin the content to make your original piece. Go ahead and post it on your news website, and that’s all you need to do.

Monetize Your News Sites

GoNews Monetize Your News Sites

Monetization is the most important step when you’re thinking of making money online with your website’s help. Well, with GoNews, you won’t even need to worry much about that either.

Right off the bat, your news website will have the option to include banners from DFY promotional companies, including Clickbank, Warrior Plus, and Jvzoo. You’ll get a 50% commission from each sale made, which is an incredibly high percentage for affiliate promotion.

That’s not it, though. You’ll get the options to set up a shop, use AdSense, email listing, affiliate links, bonuses, and many other profitable elements that can bring a lot of revenue to your website. It truly doesn’t get easier than this if you ask me as an affiliate marketer.

Get Paid Easily

GoNews Get Paid Easily

Once you’ve chosen high-quality original articles and aggregated them onto your website, there’s not much more you need to do. You need to sit down and wait for the money to pour in.

GoNews believes in three business rules. Promoting content with a huge demand for it, using the same business model as all the successful web building and new aggregator companies are using and making monetization easy and accessible for everyone.

News websites can attract millions of visitors every single day. If you so much as create a website and place it on GoNews, you’re going to make a huge sum of cash just by sitting idle while the affiliate promoters and GoNews do their things. I believe this is one of the best ways of making big money without spending too much effort on a business.

Setting Up Your Own GoNews Website

If you’re thinking of investing in a GoNews website, you need to know how to create and set up the perfect website to attract tons of visitors and generate revenue.

Here, I have a step-by-step guide for you, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes while starting your GoNews website.

Creating A Site

GoNews Creating A Site

First and foremost, you’re going to want to register for GoNews by choosing a name for your site and providing the URL. Once you’ve entered these details, you’re going to be asked to put in your email and password.

These are the login credentials that you’ll have to put in if you want to access your account and the websites you’ve owned on GoNews. After completing this step, you’ll be taken to the next steps of creating your stunning and attractive news website.

Giving Payment Details

GoNews Giving Payment Details

The next step is going to be providing payment details. You’ll have to enter your PayPal details so you can be charged a one-time payment for your GoNews Registration.

Afterward, you’re going to be given all the revenue from your affiliate marketing and the advertisement bonuses to your PayPal account after the website has been set up. The process of content aggregation is started.

Using The Tool Menu

GoNews Using The Tool Menu

After creating the site, you’re going to be brought to the Dashboard section. Here, you’ll have the toolbar or the tool menu on the left side of the screen. This is the most important section of your account.

From general settings to customization options, Trending now pages, Ads, Posts and Pages, and everything in between will be found here.

You’re going to take your time and go through every single one of the options to make sure you get the hang of the interface, which is already very user-friendly.

Customizing Settings

GoNews Customizing Settings

In the settings tab, you’re going to get a lot of customization options. From tagline to time-zone and languages of your websites to your profile settings, comments, menus, and much more, there are tons of customization sections.

You can make changes to the articles’ appearance and the website itself to make it unique and beautiful.

Change all the settings to what you want from your websites. You’ll also be provided SSL utilization for your website, which increases the authenticity of a website and its user data use.

Making good use of all these easily accessible options is a must for your news website’s better visibility.

Putting Up Articles

GoNews Putting Up Articles

Once you’ve set up your website according to your requirements and liking, it is time to put up content. Since the website is news-based, choose, trending now from the tool menu.

Choose the topic you want to upload on your site, and you’ll find many incredible SEO articles in that specific niche written by high-quality writers. Pick and choose the one you want to upload.

You can take the article, rewrite it, change the wording, spin it, and come up with a perfectly original piece of your own that you can put up on the website without any problem at all. This is how you’re going to bring in a large amount of organic traffic to your news website.

GoNews Adding Widgets, Links, And More

A generic website doesn’t attract too many viewers, and we all know it. That’s why you’ve got the option to add not only customizable widgets but also change the appearance of the posts on the website pages and the color and layout of the website.

There’s also the option to upload custom links and more. GoNews wants the best for your news website. That’s why you’re going to get all kinds of various elements and editable content on your website.

Your Beautiful News Website Is Ready!

GoNews Your Beautiful News Website Is Ready

Done with all the editing and customization? Well, that’s it. There’s nothing more that you need to do with your website. GoNews has got you covered.

All you’re going to do is choose the article that’s trending at the moment and upload it onto your website.

After that, the process that brings the traffic to your website, makes them click on the links, subscribe to your email, and purchase products, ultimately giving you 50% of the commission, is completely automatic. Have a great time sitting around while revenue generates.

Pricing And GoNews OTOs

At this point, GoNews can be purchased for $19, and you can make a few news websites on it, place, create, and manage ads on it and make a lot of revenue through clicks and purchases. However, there are many OTOs available at GoNews that you can utilize and take advantage of.

GoNews Traffic OTO

With this OTO’s help, GoNews provides you with a boost of overall website traffic by bringing in targeted traffic from 13 social media sites. You can check out the traffic stats on the GoNews Dashboard. This will help you establish a base for your news website. The price for GoNews Traffic is between $37 and $47.

GoNews Club OTO

At the same price as GoNews Traffic, the GoNews Club OTO allows you to make an unlimited number of news sites along with a few premium add-ons and widgets. You can use the premium drag-and-drop builder and the live chat feature provided by GoNews.

GoNews Scraper OTO

An incredibly amazing OTO is the GoNews Scraper. This OTO allows you to choose any article from any website and spin it to post on your news websites without any restriction. GoNews Scraper’s price is $37 to $47, which is great value, in my opinion.

GoNews Store OTO

Without the requirement of any API key, you’re going to be able to put Amazon eCom products and other affiliated products or your shop products, their descriptions, pictures, and much more with the help of GoNews Store OTO. There’s no coding required; everything is beginner­-friendly.

GoNews Agency OTO

This OTO gives you complete power over your GoNews account. With the Agency OTO, you are given an Agency License, which allows you to sell products on the news websites while keeping 100% of your profits. The price of this OTO is $37 to $47, and the benefits are endless.

Benefits Of GoNews

We know how GoNews works and what it offers as a cloud-based web builder, but what are the countable benefits you get from it? Let’s take a look at all the incredible advantages and services you’re going to get once you make a GoNews website.

Email Lists 

GoNews allows revenue generation through email lists. For each email subscriber, you’ll be rewarded with $1 per month.

This is an amazing feature and brings in a lot of money to your GoNews Dashboard. Ensure that you make your email subscription and auto­-responder mechanism well-equipped to get the most subscriptions; there is no coding or technical approach required.

E-Commerce Products

By creating custom ads for affiliate products from Amazon and other sites, you can make thousands of dollars every month. So, integrate e-Com products in your content and advertisements as well.

Amazon affiliate program allows you to add your amazon ID on GoNews, and that’s all you need to start affiliate marketing on your website with GoNews.

This opens the possibility of you earning tons of revenue through affiliate marketing with Amazon and other websites as well.

Adsense Revenue

The main thing that website owners on the internet think about when online revenue is considered is Google Adsense. Well, GoNews doesn’t forget Google Adsense either.

You can earn a lot of money through Google Adsense once you put Google Ads on the banners allotted to advertisements on your website. Bring in visitors, and you’ll be paid fairly for it.

Cheap One-Time Payment

Whether you’re choosing the standard GoNews subscription or one of their OTOs, The payment to profit ratio is surely in your favor and gives a lot of profit value.

The one-time payment is cheap and affordable, and you’re going to love it once the money starts flowing to your GoNews account.

Complete Customizability

Customization is important when it comes to website attraction. An attractive website brings in many targeted audiences and visitors, converting them from leads to subscribers.

Make sure you make full use of the customization options that GoNews offers to its users.

Custom Domain

If you’re not sure about the GoNews domain at the end of your URL, GoNews is here to cure your paranoia.

By pointing a DNS record to GoNews servers, you’re going to be able to bring the website pages to your own custom domain.

Visitor Interaction

GoNews doesn’t compromise visitor interaction since comments, sharing options, and even Patreon integration options are available for your website.

So, interacting with your visitors and getting your website known across the internet will be fun and easy.

Website Flipping

Website flipping is a whole industry. Once you’ve learned the art of GoNews Website making, you’ll be able to create reader-friendly sites that attract a lot of viewers, and you’ll be able to sell them for a huge profit.

There are records of websites being sold for more than $80,000, so keep your expectations high and make huge amounts of money.

So Is It Worth It?

Now that you know all the incredible features and benefits that come with GoNews, the million-dollar question arrives, is it worth it? Well, I believe it is worth everything if you’re willing to invest your attention in it.

In my experience, GoNews has been excellent as a web-building platform with tons of options and revenue-generation techniques. And I’ll highly recommend that you use it for Adsense, affiliate marketing, and revenue generation.

If you’re thinking that I’m biased, I’m not. I tried extremely hard to find any cons and flaws with the mechanics of GoNews as a platform, but I couldn’t find any.

Everything works exceptionally, in my opinion. Other than the fact that you’re going to have to pay one time, there isn’t any problem with the website.

GoNews is better for affiliate marketers in comparison to any other website out in the open right now


GoNews works incredibly well for people who want to make a lot of money and don’t have too much time to spend on their websites.

The ease of use, customization, accessibility, low price, and many other benefits make GoNews one of the best web-building platforms if you’re looking to generate revenue with news articles.

I hope that you learned a lot from this review. Investing a small sum in GoNews is going to prove very profitable for you. So, without hesitation, go for it.

I assure you that you’re going to have incredible success without putting in any work with the help of GoNews.

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