LinkSeam Review

With the advent of social media, it has become a lot easier for the sellers and marketers to showcase their product and advertise them. But you are not the only one who is using social media for this. So, you have to stand out and make a mark.

Do you know the most efficient way to sell something on social media? Well, it is to interact with your potential buyers and offer them information about the product.

While most of the people tend to discuss the price with the link given on social media, it is not so much effective, nowadays. According to the studies, when a customer engages directly with the seller or a company, they are likely to make the purchase.

All you have to do is to make people message you directly so that you can communicate with them and make them buy it.

Though it can seem to be difficult for you at first, but with the help of LinkSeam, it is not! You can already imagine how much you can gain from all the incoming traffic after your get access to LinkSeam.

To know more about the LinkSeam review and how it can work for you to sell your products, read on.

What Is LinkSeam?

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The LinkSeam is a new and advanced cloud-based software tool that comes with the latest LSM technology. This LSM technology helps you to link over 10 messenger apps.

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So, whenever a potential buyer will touch a button, it will automatically open the selected messenger app on the buyer's phone. From there, the buyer can directly message you to know about the product or the price and offers.

The LinkSeam supports all the major messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype and many more.

This can efficiently harness all your prospective buyers and make them to choose what they want through an attractively designed and mobile optimized page with numerous options to tap on.

This app can help you to achieve great result in no time.

The LSM technology is a highly advanced technology that can give you a perfect solution for list building, increasing followers, more traffic, etc.

This technology can literally flood your any links that you choose with buyers’ traffic. This can help to skyrocket the total number of subscribers an followers on social media accounts.

What Are The Best Features Of LinkSeam?

The best part of this software is that it comes with many amazing features. Of course, the features are main part of any product or service that can help you to get the best benefits.In this LinkSeam review, we will discuss about all the features that LinkSeam provides and their benefits. The best features are:

Smart Link For Instagram & TikTok

Instagram and TikTok are the two most popular and used social networking sites that people use.

Providing links in these two platforms can be quite effective for your business or marketing.

The LinkSeam provides a smart link that you copy and paste in your Instagram or TikTok account so that people can click on it.

Touch To Open Page & Open Messenger Apps

The LSM technology of the LinkSeam can help the visitors of your social media  profile to touch and open different pages, messenger apps, email apps or calls.

This can make your prospective buyers to make a decision and interact with you about the productor services they are interested in.

It is a great feature that allows making it easier to create ready-made buttons.

Customize Buttons, Background & More

As mentioned above, you will be able to make an amazingly attractive page for your visitors.

The LinkSeam not only helps you to create the page and the buttons but you can also customize everything according to your needs.

You can choose what background you will need and what type of buttons you want.

You will also be able to customize the buttons, social icons and links.

Make Your Own Logo

The best part is that you can use your logo too. A logo is a sign or symbol that represents your business or company.

The LinkSeam allows you to use your own logo so that the page looks 100% authentic and people can relate to it.

This makes things much easier and better for you to attract potential buyers.

Shorten The Links

Another great feature of the LinkSeam is that it can help to shorten the links.

Being an advertiser or an affiliate marketer, you will know that providing long links doesn't look aesthetically good.

Most of the social media posts have short URLs that look better. Also, it is easier for the audiences to trust and click more on the shorter links compared to the longer ones.

Track Touches

Another great feature of the LinkSeam is that it helps in tracking the touches. Hence, you can also track the behavior and pattern of your visitors.

Where are they touching exactly? How much they are scrolling through? What are they navigating on the page?

You will get answers to all these questions by simply tracking the touches. This can give plenty of ideas to the affiliate marketers and advertisers.

It also comes with additional kill not performing buttons.

Convenient Retargeting People

When you are creating an advertisement campaign or performing affiliate marketing, one of the most important things that you have to do is to target and retarget.

Retargeting people can help you to target the right audiences and generate more sales. You can reach interested buyers. This improves the sales and marketing too.

Use Customized Domain

You can also use customized domain for the link hub page. Having custom domain can provide you with three most important benefits-trust, discoverability and branding.

While you may have to purchase custom domains most of the time, the LinkSeam provides it for free. This can help you promoting your brand and getting more traffic.

With all these amazing features, the LinkSeam is surely a great software to choose for getting more potential traffic and for increasing your sales.

Who Is The LinkSeam For?

With this LinkSeam review, you might also think-who is this software tool for actually? Well, it can benefit many professionals.

The LinkSeam Software Is Mainly For:

  • The product creator to display and sale their products.
  • List builder for improving the business or marketing efficiencies.
  • Affiliate marketers for advertising and promoting the products.
  • Entrepreneur and business owners for creating pages and links for their products.
  • Service sellers to showcase their services and get potential clients and customers.
  • Follower builder to increase the follower of a particular channel or account.
  • Advertiser for creating marketing and advertising campaigns and retargeting audiences.

So, if your profession matches with any of the criteria stated above, then you can surely use the LinkSeam software for better results.

Benefits Or Advantages Of LinkSeam

The LinkSeam comes with some great benefits and advantages that you fully utilize for your advertising campaign or affiliate marketing etc. Some of the great benefits and why you must use the LinkSeam are:

Very Easy To Use And Beginner Friendly

With easy operations and control, this software is quite easy to understand and use. Even if you have no experience in marketing or advertising or link building, you can use it smoothly and efficiently.

It just takes few days to get fully accustomed to this tool. It is 100% friendly to the beginners and need no technical skills at all. You can just sign up and get started with creating the page, buttons and customizing them according to the need.

Skyrocket The Number Of Subscribers & Followers

Who doesn't want to get a lot of subscribers on their YouTube channel or followers on social media platforms?

Well everyone loves it as this can able you to grow the base for your business or advertising.

An affiliate marketer or a business owner or even an advertiser can gain success only when their followers and subscribers are increasing in number.

This software can actually help you or your business to grown the social media accounts, YouTube channels and others.

And the best part is that you don’t have to do a tiresome job and give lots of efforts to do it.

Brings Great Traffic

For a business to grow or your marketing to get successful, you will need good leads and traffics. Well, the LinkSeam does exactly what you expect.

Your social media platforms can get some great quality genuine traffic because of this software.

As your traffic will increase, it will also increase the number of potential buyers to come in and buy products or services.

From just causal viewers, you can engage with them and turn them into potential buyers.

Work From Anywhere And Anytime

Another great advantage of using LinkSeam is that you will not be bounded to work from a dedicated work space.

You can literally work from anywhere if you have a steady internet connection and a device.

This can help you to stay even in touch with your audiences and visitors while you are travelling or outside your house/office.

This can be a great advantage as your work will not stop anytime for anything.

Helps Building Email List

Email list is an important part of any affiliate marketer or an advertiser.

Do you wish that your email list will be automatically built? Everyone wishes for that and LinkSeam can make it happen.

This can help you to easily send the message to the targeted customers and get visitors in return.

Also, emails are personal and its conversion rate is also quite high. This can also help in building trust and credibility.

Even the biggest brands and companies use the email lists to target their esteemed customers.

Better Ranking For Your YouTube Videos

The LinkSeam can also help in growing your YouTube channel just like any other social media account, as mentioned above. But that is not the only thing it does.

This software tool can also help in boosting the rank of your YouTube videos so that when people search with the main keyword, your video shows up in the top of the search result page.

Thus, it can help to gain more and more views as well as more likes for your videos.

Provide Real-Time Impressive Results

The best part of using LinkSeam is that you can get to see the progress in real-time. You can track all the data and analyze them thoroughly.

This can help you in retargeting your audiences so that you can get the best leads for your products and services.

With the LSM technology, this software tool really outperforms in all the aspects giving out highly impressive result.

So, it is a complete win-win when it comes to choosing the LinkSeam. It offers you full control over the software so that you can do whatever it feels is needed for your social media accounts.

You can choose and customize everything that you want. This can bring more success and visitors to the social media platforms and make it a bigger success.

How To Use The LinkSeam?

Now, after all those features and great benefits, you must have already decided to try out the software.

But if you are wondering how you can use it, then don’t worry at all.

In this LinkSeam review, we will discuss about all the steps that you have to follow to use the LinkSeam.

It is very simple and easy. With just few steps, you can get it done smoothly and conveniently.

Follow These Steps


Add The Links

First of all you have to add all the links that you want your visitor or audiences to choose from.

Make sure to keep it simple as too many links can confuse the audiences.

Give the best options that you think will be ideal for your audiences, keeping their needs and preferences in mind.


Customize The Design & Look

The next step is to customize the entire look. This includes the background, icons, links, fonts etc.

Keep the entire theme in mind while customizing the look.

Don’t overdo anything. Remember less is always more. You don't want it to look clumsy and too flashy.


Copy & Paste The Link

Once you have created the page and customized it according to your need, the third step is to advertise it.

All you have to do is to copy and paste the link to your social media profiles such as your Instagram account and TikTok account.

That is it. Only these 3 steps can help you to get started with your new journey. You will not need any technical knowledge or even a bit of experience to get this done.

Overall Verdict About LinkSeam

After all the facts and essential data are provided by us regarding the LinkSeam, here is the final verdict or opinion about the software.

Though we didn't have high hopes or expectations from the software, it really did a great job.

The LinkSeam is especially designed in such a way that it enable all the visitors to choose what they actually want for their campaign or advertisement.

This is cloud-based software and hence you can use this from anywhere and anytime just using your internet. This can help in harnessing all the visitors and make them to choose one of the links assigned by you.

Moreover it also helps you to customize the link hub page with your logo and preferred color theme.

It is super convenient and easy to use software which anyone can use. It doesn't require much skills or experience to use the software.

Anyone with little knowledge about links and social media accounts can get it done within few minutes. As mentioned above, it just takes 3 steps to complete the process.

Even if you are a beginner or naive at handling internet, you can follow the steps and get it done.

The link hub pages by LinkSeam looks really attractive and stunning that can catch the eyes of the visitors instantly making them to make a call.

It is a 100% legit software tool that every affiliate market or link builder or an advertiser must have. This tool is really a game changer!


Whether you are an advertiser or a business owner or an affiliate marketer or a blogger, without enough subscribers and followers, you cannot get enough traffic to the links you post.

No matter how long they are there and how many times you advertise it on your social accounts. Hence, you will need an extra push for it. From this LinkSeam review, it is quite evident to you now that the push is nothing but this amazing and efficient software, LinkSeam.

It can help you to increase the number of followers and subscribers in real-time. Thus, it also increases the traffic to the links you have chosen.

This can bring potential buyers to your link and your sales can increase. So, if you want to ensure that your business or your marketing campaigns are going strong, you need to use this software tool.

LinkSeam just for you

Don’t wait for too long as the offer will slip out of your hand. Sing up and get started right now to enjoy all the amazing features and great benefits it has to offer!

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