Webinarjam VS Zoom

Webinarjam vs Zoom has been a debate going on for ages as to which platform is the best for webinars.

Well, in this post, we will take a look at each platform and what they have to offer you, and recommend to you the tool we think is best.

The entire world is moving at a fast-digital pace, everything is digital, hence as a marketer or a businessman, it is highly imperative you know how to do your webinars.

This skill once acquired is going to be a very important asset which will be a game-changer for your business.

In this post, we will take a look at two giants in the world of webinars: Webinarjam vs Zoom.

So, if you are looking for a tool to use for your webinar sessions, then we’ve got you covered.

Why Are Webinars Important For Your Business?

Before we dive into the comparison of Webinarjam vs Zoom, let’s take a look at why webinars are important.

Webinars are an excellent opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, and generally everyone in the service providing category to showcase their skills, share success stories, and create a sense of trust between themselves and their customers and prospective clients.

Most people use webinar software to sell something, market a product, or connect with customers, but it can equally be used for other purposes.

Most businesses use webinar software for leadership seminars or symposiums but it can also be used to conduct training sessions.

Webinar software is super-advanced as you can have hundreds to thousands of people watching you, live streaming your screen, your audio, and your video. They can do this seamlessly.

Your audience can hear everything that is being said and they can watch what the speaker is doing in real-time.

Webinars are undoubtedly the best way to sell your products, especially high-ticket online cause or a membership.

It is also a great way to build your email list and to create a formidable connection and trust with your prospects.

Webinars also help you build your authority as an expert in your niche by positioning yourself as the subject matter expert in your niche whatever it may be, that is, health, business, education, social, among others.

Building A Great Webinar

More often, most people tend to be more concerned about the content of the webinar, that is, presentation style, how to keep attendees engaged, etc.

This is necessary! However, other very important factors come to play in ensuring a very successful webinar.

These factors can be categorized into pre-webinar and post-webinar. Under pre-webinar, we consider how to invite people to live webinar sessions and how to generate traffic.

Under post-webinar, we consider how to do follow-ups using some notifications and getting good data as to the number of attendees for effective data analysis.

With the notion of how important and necessary webinar has become today in mind, it is imperative to get good software that offers all the features needed to enable a good engaging live webinar session.

A software that offers good capacity, leaves room for the host to attendee interactions, etc.

This software should offer all these features and more at a considerably affordable price.

Well, in this post, we are going to outline the functionalities of Webinarjam vs Zoom.

We will also inform you as to which of them is good to hold group meetings or hold webinars to market and sell your products.

It further outlines the similarities and differences between the two software, their prices, and packages to help you make a good decision as to which one is right for your business.

This article also seeks to outline the difference in this software in terms of ease of setup, user interface, a web-based versus software-based recording quality, integration analytics, pricing, and what they’re best used for in terms of their functionalities.

Taking a look at Webinarjam vs Zoom meeting, these platforms offer similar features and functionality but have some key differences between both.

Why Use Webinarjam?

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WebinarJam provides incredible value, is easy to use and automatically records my webinars for instant replays! It's the best webinar software on the market.

4.5 of 5 stars

Webinarjam gives you more options for the registration page for the webinar setup. Its user interface is also more user-friendly compared to that of Zoom.

Webinarjam is web-based hence there is no need to download any software. It is an amazing option for live webinars.

It gives you a webinar room where your participants can come into when they register.

Webinars are designed so that the host and any other designated panelist can share his or her video, audio and screen, so their participants can view. Webinars allow view-only participants.

Attendees are privy to interact via a question and answer feature option, answering a poll question and chat. The host is at liberty to mute or unmute attendees.

Participants, however, cannot rename themselves. It also provides an embedded email marketing option that can be efficiently used to send automated messages to registrants as a form of a reminder.

This feature can be employed to send attendees regular notices. Once attendees register, they are automatically added to the mailing list.

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Patrick Martins

UI/UX Designer

One of the best decisions I made was to buy the software when it first came out! I have saved literally thousands that I would have paid to the then-dominant program, for a service with no limits on the number of attendees, as well as for a much more powerful program overall. I also love how the software continues to improve!

This gives room for attendees to receive reminders concerning webinars. Attendees can be reminded of any preferred interval of the host, that is, 30 minutes, an hour, or a day’s notice before the actual live webinar session.

Also, there is a fully customized registration page option, with all features embedded with no need for any other sub stationary software.

Webinarjam works perfectly on any browser be it Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

All you need to do in facilitating a webinar session using webinarjam is to give out a link to your attendees to join the webinar.

By just clicking on the webinar link, participants are granted automatic access to which browser they are using and they can just start to watch and participate in the live webinar session.

There is also an amazing feature that automatically records all webinars which can be sent out to all registrants who may have missed the session.

These videos can equally be shared as a pre-recorded webinar to registrants at a later time.

Webinarjam also gives room for data analysis, allowing you to know exactly the number of people who join every session, the duration they spend, the number of people who may have left the meeting early, complete detail on the number of people who registered after visiting your page, the number of open emails, etc.

Data analysis enables individuals, companies, and firms to extract useful information from given data and make good decisions based on the data obtained.

This feature helps to improve your webinars and make better decisions for subsequent sessions.

Webinarjam allows up to six presenters, hence a comparatively good choice for sessions where there is the need for co-presenters.

However, one con of webinarjam is that sometimes there could be a five to ten-second delay for registrants, but this is undetectable as the voice still matches the movement of the lips.

Think of webinars like a virtual lecture hall or auditorium.

Webinars are ideal for large audiences or events that are open to the public. Typically, webinar attendees do not interact with one another.

Webinarjam is best situated for people, companies, and firms who are interested in marketing, sales, and education.

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Clara Parker

IT Consultant

I am loving WebinarJam. First, they make it super easy to set up your webinar. It feels like they have thought of everything you need before you realize you need it. And it's super cool to be able to toggle back and forth from slides to your screen to yourself! It's a super product at a great price.

People in this category can use Webinarjam as a way to reach customers and prospective clients giving them valuable content and information and in the same vein, use it as a marketing platform to also market and sell their course products, digital products, programs, coaching among the likes.

Hitherto, Webinarjam used to have a problem with regards to attendees not being able to connect to the audio and video during live webinar sessions.


  • User-friendly and easy to use.
  • It is easy to integrate tools.
  • It is easy to connect live chat with attendees.
  •  You can inject videos during your webinar.
  • You can customize it to your satisfaction.


  • The user interface isn’t that great.
  • Problem with transmissions and connectivity sometimes.

This is because since Webinarjam is a web-based software you are talking on the internet, hence you would not get the best of the quality audio signal. The signal is compressed.

As a result, you will be recording and transmitting a compressed signal.

In recent times, the software has been upgraded and all these bugs with the usage of the audio and video feature option of the software have been fixed.

Now attendees can enjoy a good audio and video experience during live webinar sessions.

Webinarjam software can be used for large events and public broadcasts such as town hall, quarterly updates, educational lectures, etc.

Webinarjam is generally used by event hosts, SVPs, C-Suite, etc. Webinarjam software offers a capacity of up to 100-10,000 participants, depending on the license.

Why Should I Use Zoom?

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Zoom Meetings are designed to be a collaborative session with all participants being able to screen share, turn on or off their video and audio, and see other participants in attendance.

4 of 5 stars

Zoom Meetings are designed to be a collaborative session with all participants being able to screen share, turn on or off their video and audio, and see other participants in attendance.

Zoom meetings are ideal for hosting more interactive sessions where you’ll want to have lots of audience participation or break your session into smaller groups.

It is therefore ideal for virtual meetings for students, coaching clients, etc. Zoom is software-based so you have to download the software.

Zoom offers a relatively better recording quality in terms of sound and audio and it records directly to your laptop.

Using Zoom also leaves room for multi-tasking as you can have your Zoom meeting session in the background and respond to emails, SMSs, and WhatsApp messages without necessarily having to reconnect now and then.

Zoom has an audio package that allows all participants to mute/unmute their audio. The Host can mute and also request to unmute participants.

He or she can also however set all participants to mute upon entry.

Zoom offers a good interface and it is very easy and simple to use. It is user friendly and very straightforward.


  • High-quality video and sound.
  • Can be used via their mobile app.
  • It is easy and fast to initiate meetings.
  • The layout is simple and pleasant.


  • Expensive compare to Zoom Webinar.
  • Bad chat feature.
  • Audio is sensitive to background noise.

Zoom allows for multiple presenters, chats, and polls. Unlike Webinarjam, Zoom has no delays in time. There is no 5 to 10 seconds lag in time as you may experience with Webinarjam.

This gives attendees a very good live learning experience. It also has a feature that allows for streaming on YouTube.

Zoom meeting software is best suited for customer-facing meetings, sales meetings, training sessions, etc. since it offers a relatively smaller to large group option.

Zoom meeting software is generally used by general employees, training groups, etc. Zoom offers up to 100 with a free license, up to 1,000 depending on the plan and large meeting add-on capacity.

One of the great things about Zoom is that during live webinar sessions the audio and video quality is much better because it makes use of your laptop camera and sound system since you are basically recording it locally on your computer and simultaneously uploading it to the internet.

These recordings are high-quality and with your bass microphone up and ruining you could hear exactly what you are saying.

There also is no crunching of the audio because you are uploading it to the Internet and there are no problems with bandwidth.

Zoom, however, doesn’t have enough features for effective data analysis. Zoom also has a very limited landing page option and offers no urgency feature.

Difference Between Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars

When it comes to zoom, there are two functionalities: meeting versus webinar.

The easiest way to distinguish when to use either is to think about what you’re trying to accomplish.

So, when you hold a meeting today, it’s usually a bunch of people that gather in a common space, and there’s a topic that you have for discussion.

During that meeting, most people will be able to participate equally in the conversation.

So, you think of the meeting that way. When you use a zoom meeting, that’s the same thing.

The Zoom meeting is just a common area where people can gather, and talk as a group about a particular topic.

With a meeting, everybody can participate equally; people can have their videos on, people can be able to turn their audio on, and be able to speak to participants that are in the room.

When you do a webinar, you usually have somebody who’s speaking and talking as the host.

You may have co-panelists that’ll be helping you with the meeting, and then you have your attendees.

Attendees usually cannot speak or talk, you usually don’t want them to because you’re trying to get through a specific topic.

So, attendees are in listen-only mode, so they can hear what you have to say, but they can’t ask any questions, not locally.

The way that they would ask questions is through either a chat or a Q&A session.

So, with Zoom meetings, everybody participates equally, and people can either turn on or off their camera, or turn on and off their audio, and with webinars you can, you’re the host so everybody’s hearing what you have to say but everybody else is in a listen-only mode so that’s the primary difference.

If you’re scheduling a webinar, what you’re gonna see is, in terms of when you’re scheduling, it is fairly simple.

You’re going to have a topic, a description, when the duration, what’s the time zone, whether it’s a recurring webinar, do you want registration, do you want a Q&A session, or whether you want to record the webinar automatically.

And you go ahead and schedule it. So, in summary, webinars give you more control, so, only the panellists are seen.

This allows you to have two or three panelists yet hundreds or a thousand people watching.

But we only see the panelists, you can have several panelists, you can do polls, or you can chat. Also, you have the option of Q&A only available on webinars.

On the other side, with zoom meetings, there’s more to control. With meetings, you can shut off, and mute everyone or not.

You can not let them turn their mics on, but you’ve got a lot more people to control; you have to make sure they’re muted they’re not muted.

So, you have to kind of keep an eye on everything, and sometimes people can do inappropriate things.

Now in meetings, all are seen and can be heard if you allow it. There are no panelists for this, however, you can still do polls.

The coolest thing is the breakout rooms. You can do breakout rooms if you have training– it’s such a powerful tool.

In breakout rooms, obviously, you can chat here, and you can even share files in the chat; there’s a little button that pops up just click on that and you can share a PDF.

So, sometimes when I start my events, I’ll give them the guide, and not everyone got it ahead of time or had time to print it out so you want to be able to keep the flow going.

So, you can click on the PDF upload it, boom they have it.

Or if there’s something you’re doing as you go along that you want to share, it is really easy to do a meeting you can’t do that with webinars.

Price Of Webinarjam Vs Zoom

Pricing Of Webinarjam

webinarjam pricing
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Webinarjam software has a paid add-ons available to pro or higher subscription. It has an amazing offer of just $499 for the year, for a basic plan.

This offer allows up to three presenters, with a maximum of five hundred (500) attendees per each live webinar. This offer also gives 24-hour access to support.

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with WebinarJam you can receive a full refund when you request it within 30 days after your purchase. Simply contact our support team and we will process the refund within a few days. Please see our full Billing Policy page for details.

There are other offers as to the number of presenters and attendees. There is the ultimate offer, which is termed premium.

This offer peaked at $999 for the year. Webinar jam has a 60-day trial package for just a buck ($1), which you can sign up for, use, and make the decision to sign up for other offers once you are satisfied with the package.

Let’s now dive into what zoom is and the package it offers.

Pricing Of Zoom Webinar

Zoom Pricing
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Zoom has free and paid subscription options available. The basic price for zoom is $60 a month. This offer allows up to 100 attendees.

For $140 a month, you get a maximum of 500 attendees. The pricing is relatively proportional to the number of attendees. There is also a free plan of 45 minutes for the meeting.

Comparatively using Zoom for meetings is more expensive than using Webinarjam. Webinarjam allows for more attendees for a relatively lower price.

Statistically, with Webinarjam you can have up to 500 attendees for $499 for a year whereas Zoom offers a maximum of 100 attendees for $530 for a year.

Hence you spend more when using Zoom for a smaller number of attendees.

So, Which Is The Best Platform: Webinarjam Vs Zoom Webinar?

Both Zoom and Webinarjam offer a host and co-host relationship in terms of participation.

Though Zoom provides options for you to get more social with your attendees, your average webinar has one or a few people speaking to an audience while with Webinarjam, you can choose as many hosts as you want.

Hence webinarjam is the best option for live webinar sessions.

In summary, Webinarjam can do everything that Zoom does and it has better marketing features.

Webinarjam is a good choice for a live webinar session with a large number of attendees.

It is cost-effective compared to Zoom, as it offers more capacity for a relatively lower price.

However, although it is cost-effective as compared to Zoom, Webinarjam has no monthly plan.

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John Doe WebinarJam is incredibly easy to do! I created and listed my first two webinars in under a half hour. I just facilitated my first webinar, and got rave reviews from attendees. Your service, videos, handouts, and support is tremendous.

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Like  Reply  10h

What this means is subscriptions will have to be made for a year. Purchase is also made before subscription.

Interestingly, Webinarjam is more ideal for sales. When it comes to advertisements for products or services, Webinarjam is best.

An interesting feature with Webinarjam is it offers the host many easy to use yet professional features, one of which is email notifications.

Webinarjam Plan
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On the other hand, Zoom is better for community building and interactive sessions, group discussions, and office meetings.

With YouTube Live, its ability to work as a background application and it’s easy to use features, it would seem that Zoom was made for a more creative and entertaining environment.

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Marissa Jones


This software changed my life. As soon as I start to use it I changed my way of selling. Use of WebinarJam gave me an opportunity to work at my full capacity, because I'm no longer searching for clients - they come by themselves after every webinar.

If you would like a free trial or would like to explore Webinarjam for a short period to decide whether or not you prefer it to Zoom kindly click on this link ( Insert your affiliate link here).

This link will offer you a 14-day free trial. Also, for those of you who might think Zoom works better, click on the link to get a discounted offer for zoom.

Now, that we have settled the debate between Webinarjam vs Zoom, let’s take a quick look at Zoom vs Gotomeeting:

Zoom vs GoToMeeting


Zoom Offers Four Pricing Plans, These Include:

Zoom Pricing
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  • Free
  • Pro Plan for $149.9
  • Business Plan for $199.9
  • Enterprise Plan for $350

GotoMeeting, On The Other Hand, Has Three Price Plans:

gotomeeting pricing plan
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  • Professional for $12
  • Business Plan for $16
  • Call plan for large organizations

From the pricing, we can see that both Zoom and GoToMeeting offer affordable prices for businesses, and organizations.

However, Zoom has the upper hand with their free plan option. Even though you might be able to host only up to 100 participants for 40minutes.

GotoMeeting on the other hand offers you a 14-day trial, where you get access to all of their feature.

So Which Is Better?

From my experience with both platforms, GoToMeeting is a much better platform. This is because, with Zoom, you get bombarded with spams.

This means if you are trying to hold a professional meeting, you wouldn’t be able to maintain order.

Also, there have been security concerns with Zoom. where anyone hackers could use GiFs to gain access to Zoom meeting rooms.

So, I will say if you have a normal meeting such as a shool discussion, or a tutorial then Zoom will be a great option.

However, if you are having a meeting where you would be discussing something secret or private, then Zoom might not be the option for you, instead, I will recommend GoToMeeting.

I hope the long old debate of Webinarjam vs Zoom has been settled, and I hope this post helped you decide as to whether to use Zoom or Webinarjam for your webinars.

Webinarjam just for you

WebinarJam provides incredible value,
is easy to use and automatically records my webinars for instant replays! It's the best webinar software on the market.

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